Heritage Lottery Fund update

Unfortunately, for the third time, our application for a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund has failed.  On this occasion ours was one of 47 applications, of which only 7 were successful. The HLF had just £16 million to distribute amongst these applicants at its Board meeting in December; the sum of all the applications amounted to £123 million!

As Joseph Chamberlain himself said, “If we fail, let us try again and again until we succeed.” 

The trustees are setting aside a day in January to consider a range of alternative options for taking the project forward. We’ll keep you updated….

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  1. Reblogged this on keithbracey and commented:
    The Chamberlain Highbury Trust has for the third time failed in its bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore Highbury Hall to its former glories in a celebration of Birmingham’s first and foremost political family the Chamberlain’s, Joseph and sons Austen and Neville…….keep on keeping on, we will succeed eventually in this #BidforBirmingham

      1. Let’s hope so…..great to see the grant for the reinstatement of the garden at Highbury AND the sweeping drive up to the door….you should get Stephen Knight to get Tommy Shelby to buy it in Peaky Blinders series 6 coming up next year to BBC1 and Netflix…..that would get the cash AND MORE IMPORTANTLY the kudos flooding in…..!!!!! Just sayin’ Keith Bracey a true Brummie Twitter @1truclaretnblu

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