Highbury features on BBC2’s Great British Railway Journeys!

Make sure you WATCH Great British Railway Journeys on BBC Two at 6.30pm on Friday 8th February.

In Series 10, Episode 5, Michael Portillo reaches Birmingham and discovers how a radical reformer would make his mark on the city of a thousand trades. Portillo visits Highbury and hears how Joseph Chamberlain established a political dynasty including a prime minister and a foreign secretary.

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    The Chamberlain political dynasty of Highbury Hall Birmingham consisted of its scion Joseph Chamberlain a Liberal Colonial Secretary and his sons Sir Austen Chamberlain a Foreign Secretary whose work on the Locarno Pact of 1925 which paved the way for the League of Nations earned him the Nobel Peace Prize and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain whose Munich meeting with Adolf Hitler is most remembered as the precursor to the Second World War and who died a broken man in 1940 thereby ending Birmingham’s Chamberlain political dynasty

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