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Historic England has awarded a grant to Highbury for close to £200,000

Good news! Historic England has awarded a grant to Highbury (also known as Highbury Hall) for close to £200,000, which will be added to Birmingham City Council’s contribution of £500,000 for ‘Urgent Works’ at Highbury.

The work includes repairs to the roof (a large job involving lots of scaffolding to carry a temporary covering while the work is undertaken), new guttering and rooflights to the main hall, and restoration of historic wallpaper that had suffered water damage (this will be completed by a wallpaper conservation specialist).

It is anticipated that the work will start in the Autumn and finish before Christmas or soon after. Work has already started to remove asbestos in the North Wing.


Highbury (also know as Highbury Hall) in Moseley, Birmingham
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