Highbury Sustainability Festival 2021

The Chamberlain Highbury Trust invite you to a free, interactive, accessible community festival on the Highbury Estate in Moseley’s Highbury Park On Sunday 13th June 2021.

The Chamberlain Highbury Trust has undertaken the first phase of a gardens restoration project at Highbury bringing back historic features, connecting the Grade *II listed mansion to the park and making the path network and driveway more accessible to more people. We are hosting this festival to share our pledge to making Highbury sustainable, our commitment to protecting its wildlife and plant species and our promise to our community to keep providing quality accessible events and opportunities.

Our Sustainability Festival will be a creative and interactive festival where visitors will spend time outside experiencing the changes made to the estate. Along the way they will encounter activities, displays, art works and performances. Sustainability is really important to us and not just for the mansion and park. We want to support our community to find inspiration to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We know there are already amazing things happening locally and we want to give people opportunity to celebrate those. There will be space for visitors to share their ideas and goals to become more sustainable as well as ask questions and be inquisitive about small changes that can make a big difference.

We all know that getting hands on and seeing change and sharing ideas has a much bigger impact that being told what to do. This event is about sharing, being active, becoming accountable, seeing how easy and fun changes can be. It’s about feeling part of a community of change. We will be joined by Highbury’s partners, artists, local businesses, social enterprises, community organisations and education providers who all believe in sustainability.

Here are some of the people already on board:

The Active Wellbeing Society are joining us run demonstrations in ways to get moving, connect with other people and improve our approach to healthy minds.

• Our Highbury Orchard Community will be sharing their passion and enthusiasm for being outside and connected to nature. There will also be displays of work created through the ‘Rejuvenating Rituals’ project around equinox 2021.

Sustainability Water Use Birmingham will be demonstrating how water is used and how we can be more efficient.

The Commitment will be joining us to sign up people to their campaign to pledge to vote for the people and parties who prioritise climate change solutions and the natural world.

Sustainable Life Birmingham will share their practice in bringing sustainable life skills to people of all ages and abilities.

• Creative writers and the community have written performance pieces which will be shared through an audio trail.

Birmingham City Council will show their plans for protecting green spaces.

Lets Grow Together will demonstrate how to get started on home composting and their work to propagate heritage fruit trees at Highbury.

Mother Gardens will teach us simple ways to grow at home and offer starter packs to get people off to a good start.

• Local Businesses will have space to share their pledge toward a more environmental approach.

Local schools will be sharing the ways they have made their schools more eco-friendly and we hope they will then share the passion and ideas with the whole school community.

We hope that you too can come along and make up another piece to the jigsaw and the local effort to tackling climate change and being more sustainable.