The Future

The Chamberlain Highbury Trust was created in response to the concerns and needs of the community, and our success in the long term will depend on our continuing to consult and involve local people.

In addition to restoring the building and establishing a sustainable business model, we will work with local people to make Highbury a lively, participative community space facilitating inter-cultural conversations and encouraging engagement through a programme of large and small scale events aimed at a range of audiences.

Using the unique environment created by Joseph Chamberlain, Birmingham’s first and most famous civic leader, we want to identify, educate and develop the leaders of the future. We will provide learning and personal development opportunities for those young people who aspire to become leaders. Everyone involved will be helped to fulfil their true potential.

The Highbury Estate will be restored to its former glory and secured as a place for education, enjoyment, entertainment and endeavour for the general benefit of the citizens of Birmingham (and beyond) just as the Chamberlain Family intended when the Estate was given in Trust for the people in 1919.