Strategic Objectives

The Strategic Objectives of the Chamberlain Highbury Trust are:

Raise sufficient capital through a well managed fund-raising programme to undertake the full restoration of the estate within 5 years

Achieve long-term financial sustainability with an operating surplus to build reserves to cover future maintenance and revenue costs

Restore and convert the house to provide good quality accommodation with efficient utilisation of space for:

  • Educational activities and events, including lectures, study days, courses and seminars for all age groups but with an emphasis on older children/young adults
  • Weddings, commercial product launches, conferences and other private functions including film and TV locations
  • Exhibitions and concerts
  • Business units, meeting rooms and residential accommodation for letting
  • Tourists and visitors, including a Chamberlain Museum, retail and catering space

Develop the grounds to provide for:

  • The recreation and interpretation of the character of the historic designed landscape and its distinctive features
  • Secure habitats for a range of flora and fauna appropriate to this landscape
  • Educational activities relating to the interpretation of this landscape
  • Informal leisure use for all age groups and families with seating etc.
  • Opportunities and facilities for volunteers to participate in the management of the estate
  • Café and toilet facilities for public use
  • Festivals and outdoor events
  • Improved car parking, security and drainage

Achieve standards of excellence in:

  • Restoration, design, historical accuracy and quality of execution
  • Efficient use of energy, water and materials
  • Biodiversity and nature conservation
  • Safety and security
  • Events management

Promote and celebrate the history and achievements of the Chamberlain family through educational events, publications, exhibitions and the provision of assistance to Chamberlain scholars and research students

Achieve high levels of visitor satisfaction and visitor numbers, with a diverse visitor profile reflecting the Birmingham demographic and the aim to interest and involve older children/young adults in Highbury, requiring:

  • Target numbers of actual and virtual visits to be agreed
  • Identification of rating and accreditation bodies
  • Arrangements with local schools and universities to be established
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