What’s going to be happening at Highbury?

The Chamberlain Highbury Trust is planning for a major restoration project at Highbury including both the mansion and grounds, working with Birmingham City Council. The Chamberlain Highbury Trust is a charity set up in 2016 to breathe new life into Highbury and to run it ‘for the benefit of the citizens of Birmingham’ as the Chamberlain family intended when it bequeathed this special place to the city.

What about in the meantime?

During 2023, while the Chamberlain Highbury Trust is planning the project, it will be running Open Days and some events at Highbury as it has done since 2019. The Trust has no lease over Highbury and the estate remains the responsibility of Birmingham City Council.

What is the project in a nutshell?

The project will carry out much needed restoration works to the mansion and grounds along with a programme of activities for all. Once restoration is complete, Highbury will become a visitor attraction, keep its commercial hires business and run events.

When will this project happen?

If the Trust can develop the project well and secure the funding, the mansion and grounds will undergo a period of restoration during 2024-2026, during which time we think the mansion will need to be closed completely – but we are not sure about that yet.

How can I find out more about the project?

You can contact Lucy Bailey Wright, Trust Activities Planner by email chamberlainhighburytrust@outlook.com

For The Plans so Far see here