Youth Board: Previous Projects

The Youth Board’s work is varied and focuses on enabling members to gain invaluable entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills through experiential learning. Members receive training and guidance from knowledgeable Trustees and Trust partners, but are also given responsibility to collaborate and run their own projects.

Here is are examples of previous projects that the Youth Board has undertaken:


Highbury Sustainability Festival 2021

The Youth Board worked hard to coordinate Highbury’s Sustainability Festival for the summer of 2021. Despite the challenges of working through the ongoing effects of the pandemic, members of the Youth Board created a fun and educational day for the local community.

Joseph Chamberlain and Highbury

We had wonderful face to face and online discussions with people about what makes Birmingham feel like Home. Speaking to international students and non native and adopted Brummies gave a sense of why setting up home in the midlands was a great idea for the Chamberlain Family and for us.

Exploring Chamberlain’s actual words alongside his work really helped understand his popularity and his tenacity.

It was great to think about our portrait poses and offer places for people to explore a sense of self through the way they style themselves and the things they hold close.