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Youth Board

In 2019 The Chamberlain Highbury Trust established a Youth Board with the aim that, through theoretical and experiential training, members are upskilled and exposed to the Heritage Industry.

Nationally, with only 23% of board members being women and 5% from black and ethnic minority backgrounds, developing socially diverse leadership is a priority. Birmingham is one of the youngest cities in the UK with over 40% of its population under the age of 25 years.

Most importantly, we want Highbury to engage young people from all backgrounds and encourage them to take inspiration from the Chamberlain family heritage. We want them to critically reflect upon leadership in all its forms and to take their place in the future of the region and country.

Youth Board Members aged 16-25 years support the work of the Trust and offer education and youth perspectives on the work of the Trust.
Youth Board members work as part of a team to coordinate events and work on aspects of historical interpretation to enhance the educational and cultural opportunities for people visiting Highbury. CHT Youth Board members are active and entrepreneurial, contributing their ideas and energy to initiatives dedicated to the legacy of the Chamberlain family and to the engagement of young people in civic leadership.I

Our Youth Board members receive Training from our Trustees, staff and other partners to develop their skills and understanding of strategic decision making, leadership and working in the Heritage industries.

Many of the Youth Board Projects are currently focussed on our events and research.

Previous Projects include…

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