A collective vision

Highbury Hall


On the 18th of May Trustees invited stakeholders back for another forum to discuss the future proposals for Highbury. It was a great event and we developed some excellent ideas.

The main part of the meeting was table based discussion groups to developing the scope of the proposals for Highbury’s restoration which will be the focus of a Round 1 bid for funding to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

There were topic based tables for the main discussions as follows:

1. House – what would it be best used for and what could happen where?

2. Landscape – how should the park be used and restored, what could/should happen where, master planning and guiding principles?

3. Activities – what, for and by whom to engage people with the heritage?

4. Income generation – short and long term sources to achieve a sustainable future?

You can download the second PDF stakeholder report here:

Report of CHT Stakeholder Meeting 2

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