The Chamberlain Highbury Trust can only exist with the input and work of volunteers.

We are so lucky to be guardians of an estate that inspires and impassions people. We are constantly reminded of the very special asset that Highbury is both to the local community, the city and the rest of the world.

The Chamberlain Highbury Trust is committed to equal opportunities.

As a volunteer:

  • You will be made to feel welcome by the organisation
  • Your skills will be matched with our opportunities wherever possible
  • You are covered by The Chamberlain Highbury Trust’s insurance if working under our instruction
  • You will be appreciated and recognised for your contribution to The Chamberlain Highbury Trust
  • You will be provided with an induction, training and support in order to fulfil your volunteer role
  • Your work conditions will be safe and healthy wherever possible – risks will be advised where necessary
  • The Chamberlain Highbury Trust will help you to resolve any problems that arise
  • You will be given a regular opportunity to review what you do
  • The Chamberlain Highbury Trust will seek your views on volunteering and your experiences as a volunteer
  • You will be entitled to claim back expenses at cost to and from the place of volunteering of up to a maximum of £6 per day, including parking (please submit receipts or tickets).
Volunteers learning about pruning at the Pergola

Our Commitment to Inclusive and Supportive Volunteering

  • Advertise our opportunities far and wide and in an inclusive and open way
  • Provide opportunities for people with disabilities to volunteer
  • Promote the value of volunteering as a positive experience
  • Provide training and support to take on new opportunities
  • Set out and agree a structure for each volunteering opportunity
  • Provide a named point of contact for each Volunteer
  • Provide appropriate support and make reasonable adjustments
  • Provide a reference wherever appropriate.

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